In 1996 Lapell Crank started his career in boxing while living in Minnesota. The one on one experience, the confidence building, and the passion in being a professional boxer has helped to mold Crank into the man he is today. As a boxer, Crank received the Best Prospect Award for his performance and later moved on to become Golden Gloves Champion in 2004 before moving to New Jersey to start a family. While in New Jersey, Crank started working as a certified personal trainer at one of the state’s top health centers. He became the #1 featured trainer within eight months. As his clientele grew over the years, Crank decided to launch his own fitness center featuring some of his signature routines. He wanted to offer a supreme workout space, offering professional boxing workouts, which client's loved while training with him.


After constant persuasion of clients and colleagues, two years later Crank opened Jab. It was the first of its kind to provide customers a great cardio workout that incorporated boxing moves. In three months there were over 300 members coming to the gym solely by word of mouth. Crank had a proven track record for success and his loyal clients followed him.

Crank still personal trains for many of his clients, but was approached by a company to begin sketching fitness equipment in support of his workout routines. Impressed by Cranks fit physique, many clients wanted workouts that would provide the tools necessary to emulate his body, and to achieve the glow that Crank has. With these clients in mind, he invented a product that would allow for an easy but effective workout that everyone could enjoy.


The line of current and future products is called Ab Jabber XL ; rightly so, because Crank hopes that his work out equipment will be the ‘solution’ for helping people to create a better body. He plans on Ab Jabber XL becoming the leader in new and innovative MMA workout and fitness equipment. Since he has been on both sides, both using working out himself and working other people out, Crank simply knows what works and what does not, and also recognizes what today’s exercise equipment lacks.

Eventually, Crank hopes to give back to the community by helping minority entrepreneurs, just like himself. Creating jobs in urban areas, helping small businesses receive loans, and inspiring kids that if you dream it, you can make it a reality. He aspires to call his charity the Gods Seeds, a non profit organization that will help inner-city and minorities achieve their goals, whatever that might be. He says that he wished there was an organization like that back when he needed help.

Crank is confident that the combination of wearing several different hats, from being a boxer, a personal trainer, and a fitness instructor, along with his creative inventor mind will make Ab Jabber XL different from anything in its class before.